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Hey there I found some great Kickstarters that need funding, and I want to spread the word! :D I think these are two projects that deserve a shot to be funded. :D

The first up is a book series by the name of the series "Rain of the Ghosts " being turned into a audio book made by the amazing Greg Wisemen! :w00t!:

Greg Weisman, creator of Gargoyles and the writer and producer of multiple comic books and animated series, including Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice, Captain Atom, W.I.T.C.H., The Spectacular Spider-Man and Star Wars Kanan: The Last Padawan.

"Rain of the Ghosts " are the adventures of Rain Cacique, a young girl descended from the indigenous Taíno people of the Caribbean.  Rain lives on the Ghost Keys, a chain of islands on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, where her parents own and run a Bed & Breakfast that is both Rain’s home and place of employment.  Over the course of the first book, Rain goes from making beds for tourists to learning she has the ability to communicate with ghosts.  Rain has a mystery to solve, a mission to accomplish and a destiny to fulfill.  I can honestly guarantee that if you enjoy the sensibility, characters, plotting and surprises I’ve brought to such series as Gargoyles and Young Justice, you’ll love Rain of the Ghosts.

They have already recorded all the voice work.  All of it.  Done and paid for.  Talented newcomer Brittany Uomoleale plays Rain Cacique.  And the rest of the cast we’ve assembled is truly amazing:
  • Thom Adcox (Gargoyles, Young Justice, Felix the Cat);
  • Edward Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Gargoyles, Up);
  • Jeff Bennett (Gargoyles, Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold);
  • Steve Blum (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Star Wars Rebels);
  • Daniella Bobadilla (Anger Management, Smallville);
  • Jim Cummings (Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh);
  • Elisa Gabrielli (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Madagascar);
  • Bryton James (Young Justice, The Young and the Restless);
  • Josh Keaton (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Green Lantern: The Animated Series);
  • Eric Lopez (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice);
  •  Vanessa Marshall (Young Justice, Star Wars Rebels, Guardians of the Galaxy);
  • Jacqueline Obradors (NYPD Blue, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Young Justice);
  • Gregg Rainwater (Gargoyles, Young Justice, The Young Riders);
  • Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gargoyles, Young Justice);
  • Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels);
  • Deborah Strang (The Spectacular Spider-Man);
  • Joel Swetow (Charmed, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine);
  • Jacob Vargas (Sons of Anarchy, Max Steel);
  • Greg Weisman (The Spectacular Spider-Man, Young Justice).

In addition, Dynamic Music Partners, the composers of everything from Spectacular Spider-Man to Young Justice, from Justice League Unlimited to Marvel’s Avenger’s Assemble, have come aboard to compose over four hours of music for Rain of the Ghosts.

But in order to complete the post-production (i.e. edit the vocal tracks, and create and mix all the music and sound effects to the highest quality standard), they’re asking you to contribute to this KickStarter campaign.

Please go here and support Greg's Dream, there is very little to lose:…

You can also by his first two books in the series here :)……

Next up is familiar to most Anime fans ;) It's a Dragon Ball Z live action Fan Film, though I would guess that "Fan Series" would be more appropriate as it is a live-action Dragon Ball Z web series that adapts "The History of Trunks".

This is a project of love and it shows but they need your help to give DBZ the level of Quality it deserves! :nod:

They have already made the pilot, as can be seen here:…

I want you to remember, that was what they could do with the BARE MINIMUM. Also, that was there FIRST PROJECT as a team! They've lived and they've learned & are prepared to SHATTER the bar once again! They have proved that Dragon Ball Z can be made in live-action but we can do better with your help!

By supporting this project you will:

#1. The BEST Live-Action Dragon Ball Z in the Universe!

#2. The episodes will be available to watch for FREE on Youtube

#3. Some cool perks, but most importantly, they will keep you updated on the project and listen to your feedback, concerns and suggestions. You get to be a part of Dragon Ball Z history!

Those that have followed our project so far know that we care what you have to say and we do listen. 

Therefore, several of the perks include the rights to vote on various things throughout the production of the web series.

This project is important to us because as DBZ fans we have been deprived of a proper live-action adaptation, not that abomination we got with "Dragon Ball Evolution". We are fans who are making this for Dragon Ball Z fans across the world. :D

If you’ll join us on journey – we can guarantee that you’ll be a part of a project that changes DBZ history forever.  It’s up to all of us to make this happen.

Please support the project here:…

For more information on the fan series you can go to their:

Instagram: RobotUnderdog

I encourage everyone to please donate and spread the word because these are two projects that deserve to be funded. :D


Andrew Barri
United States





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Thank you very much for the gifts. *hugs*
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